Beautiful Places in Bali


One of Bali’s most important landmarks, Tanah Lot is an exotic ancient Hindu shrine perched on top of an outcrop amidst constantly crashing waves.


Looking for a trip filled with rich culture, a majestic historical monument, exotic traditional dances, and adrenaline-pumped events in one stop? Well, a visit to GWK Cultural Park is the right choice for your next holiday trip.


A famous picturesque landmark and historical temple complex, the Ulundanu Temple is a popular attraction among both tourists and locals.

Seminkyak has a little more class and sophistication to it and it’s home to a strip of the best beach bars and restaurants in Bali.


If you’ve researched Bali, then I’m sure you’ll know the Monkey Forest in Ubud. It’s a really popular tourist attraction, and you can see why - when else will you get the opportunity to get up close and personal with a band of cute monkeys?


To see the best sunset you’ve ever seen, head to Uluwatu Temple. Get there early (late afternoon, a few hours before sunset) to explore the amazing temple that is spread out along the edge of Uluwatu Cliff before watching the sun melt into the crystal-clear ocean.


Another iconic Bali scene is the lush green rice fields. Bali grows a lot of rice (and you will probably eat a lot of it while you are there) and it’s super interesting to see how it’s done! The terraces also make the perfect backdrop for some holiday shots so remember to bring your camera.


Bali is full of amazing waterfalls, but Leke Leke is one of the best, in my opinion. A little off the beaten track and less well-known, you won’t have to fight with many other tourists to get some amazing photographs. Plus, it’s situated only about an hour outside of Canggu, so it’s pretty easily accessible. It makes for a really great day trip.